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Underestimated Founders™

At Diversity X, we do not refer to founders that are women, people of colour, LGQBTIA+, disabled, neuro-diverse, or older, as "underrepresented".  We do not believe that founders from these demographics are underrepresented, but instead, we believe they are overlooked and underestimated founders.  That is why we refer to them as Underestimated Founders™.  The underrepresentation comes in the equitable allocation of capital.

Traditionally, most angel and venture capital funding has gone to entrepreneurs who are white, male, and well-educated. This is often referred to as the "entrepreneurial demographic bias", and it's a well-documented phenomenon in the venture capital industry. According to a study by the Kauffman Foundation, white men make up the majority of entrepreneurs who receive angel and VC funding. Diversity X exists to help level the playing field.

Image by John Cameron

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Diversity X is the home of the Underestimated Founder®

At Diversity X, we believe that our strength lies in our community of underestimated founders™. The diversity of perspectives and experiences within our community allows us to approach the challenges of providing greater support to underestimated founders™ and finding more solutions to support they need to access capital. The support and camaraderie within our community also allow us to push ourselves and achieve more than we ever thought possible. Our community is not just a group of individual entrepreneurs but a collective force that propels us forward. We are proud to be a part of such a strong and dedicated community.

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