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We focus on investing in founders building a sustainable planet and businesses and creating an inclusive world.  But, we also work to help underestimated founders™ get opportunities to access capital through our extensive network.  So even if you do not fall with the verticals of climate, health tech, edtech or the future of work, feel free to send us your pitch as we may be able to help with your raise.

Girl with DIY Robot
Vaccine Production Line
Drone Delivery

Health Tech

Health tech, short for health technology, refers to the use of technology, digital tools, and innovation to improve healthcare delivery, enhance patient outcomes, and advance medical research. It encompasses a wide range of applications, devices, and solutions aimed at making healthcare more efficient, accessible, and effective. Health tech can be found in various forms, including:


Education technology encompasses the use of technology to enhance and optimize the teaching and learning experience through a  wide range of applications, software, hardware, and resources aimed at improving educational outcomes, increasing access to education, and making the learning process more engaging and effective.

Med Tech

MedTech, short for medical technology, refers to a broad category of innovative and technologically advanced devices, products, and solutions used in the field of healthcare and medicine. MedTech encompasses a wide range of medical devices, diagnostic tools, equipment, and healthcare software designed to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical conditions. 

Future Of Work

The future of work refers to the evolving landscape of employment and labor practices driven by technological advancements, social and demographic changes, and economic shifts. Several key trends and aspects characterize the future of work:

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