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We are, first and foremost, a community for overlooked and underestimated founders.  We are a safe space for underestimated founders to learn, share, collaborate, vent, ideate, test, and support each other.  We are their advocates and champions. Diversity X Angel Syndicate invests in overlooked and underestimated founders who are building a sustainable planet and businesses and creating an inclusive world.  We work on a daily basis to drive forward the equitable reallocation of capital.


In line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we foster a vibrant ecosystem where the voices of overlooked and underestimated founders are amplified. Our aim is to ensure that every visionary mind, regardless of background, has the opportunity to innovate and flourish. As part of this commitment, we actively engage in community-building efforts, organize events, and provide resources to empower these founders on their entrepreneurial journey. Diversity X Angel Syndicate thrives on the collective strength and creativity of our diverse community, and we take pride in being a catalyst for positive change.

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