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In the words of our Founder, Kevin, "Welcome Home!" Our founders' community is the ideal space for you to commence, develop, expand, launch, and elevate your business. Above all, we are a community dedicated to underestimated founders®. Diversity X is here to offer our community members the support and resources necessary for their success.


Our founders' community provides a secure haven for underestimated entrepreneurs, fostering networking opportunities with kindred spirits. It's a space where learning and growth thrive through peer-to-peer advice, unwavering support, and shared experiences. What sets our community apart is its self-sustaining and self-supporting nature. It's an excellent outlet for venting, engaging in meaningful conversations with valued peers, and, at times, seeking expert assistance when you're grappling with a particular challenge.

Within this vibrant ecosystem, you'll discover a treasure trove of resources, including pitch decks, documents, and templates designed to aid you in various aspects of your entrepreneurial journey—whether it's startup essentials, agreements, advice, UX, UI, or strategic roadmaps. In essence, our community transcends the conventional, offering a multifaceted platform that goes beyond your average network.

​Terms and Conditions: By joining our community, you confirm your eligibility as one of the following: a female founder, a person of color founder, a neuro-diverse founder, an LGBTQIA+ founder, a disabled founder, or an older founder. Membership is exclusive to founders actively developing their startups, and investors are not allowed. We uphold a code of conduct that emphasizes respect, prohibits disrespectful behavior, harassment, discrimination, or offensive language, and restricts self-promotion and excessive marketing. In line with GDPR regulations, we collect and process your data solely for community-related purposes, and we ensure data security. You have the right to access, modify, or delete your personal information, and you can unsubscribe from our communications at any time. Cookie usage on our website improves user experience, and you can manage your cookie preferences in your browser settings. Your community membership is contingent on your acceptance and adherence to these Terms and Conditions. For inquiries or requests, please contact our support team at [contact email].

This is a free community, so if you are an underestimated founder™ then click below to sign up.


I have not been long in the Diversity X community. I have only been part of it for a few days. I have already received value.

Kevin and Marquis are very helpful and have been sharing freely with us all, the incredible knowledge and experience they have. They are mission-aligned and provide a safe space for founders.

As a black female founder, I was able to share what my challenges were and my goals were. They and Kristian were so helpful and gave great advice on the next steps to take and particularly, providing introductions to people and platforms they suggested would be very useful for my mission. They’ve created a space that helps us see that we are not the only ones going through startup challenges.

Thank you, Diversity X, for the work you do

Dr. Grace Olugbodi, Founder and CEO of BeBeGenio


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